Thursday, January 30, 2014

Amanda Knox: Breaking News; "Mirror" reports Knox and Sollecito guilty verdicts reinstated; Live updates; See accompanying BBC story;

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See BBC story on restoration of the guilty verdicts:  "American Knox - who is in the US - and her Italian ex-boyfriend Sollecito had pleaded not guilty. She was sentenced to 28 years and six months in jail, while Sollecito received 25 years.........After nearly 12 hours of deliberations on Thursday, the court in Florence reinstated the verdicts first handed down in 2009 but overturned in 2011, when the pair were freed after four years in jail........The verdicts were delivered by presiding judge Alessando Nencini, who ordered that 29-year-old Sollecito's passport should be revoked but made no requests for limits on the 26-year-old Knox's movements, saying she was "justifiably abroad''. He ordered that damages should be paid by the pair to the family of Ms Kercher. Ms Kercher's brother Lyle and sister Stephanie were present when the verdict was read out.........Extradition proceedings against Knox, who refused to return to Italy for the case, may now begin. In a statement issued after the verdict, Knox said she was frightened and saddened by the "unjust" verdict following a "prejudiced and narrow-minded investigation.""

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See Mirror' story: (Knox's lawyer says she will appeal): "Amanda Knox will appeal against her guilty verdict, her lawyer confirmed tonight. Luciano Ghirga said the telephone line "went dead" as he told Knox of the verdict. She was watching the decision back home in Seattle after refusing to travel to Italy. Neighbours said there was a “tremendous amount of tears” after the verdict was announced with loud cries of “No” coming from the house. Speaking outside the court, Mr Ghirga, said: "For those that, like me, are convinced that Amanda is innocent, it is a very difficult time. "We have to respect the verdict but we will challenge them. We're very sad at the moment. "We will definitely try everything. This is not the final word. I am very upset by this decision. "We continue to be brave, we have plenty of courage. The road to the next appeal is quite difficult but we are ready for a new battle."

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