STORY: "Eastman prosecutors knew of probe," by reporter Christopher Knaus, published by The Canberra Times on February 25, 2014.

GIST: "The head detective on the Winchester case has denied his team had an ‘‘understanding’’ not to tell prosecutors that their key forensic witness was embroiled in an internal Victorian police investigation. But the inquiry has heard the Australian Federal Police and the Director of Public Prosecutions have been unable to unearth a single written document proving detectives warned their counterparts of the investigation  targeting the case’s most crucial forensic expert, Robert Barnes. Mr Barnes’ analysis of gunshot residue was a key link in the circumstantial case against David Harold Eastman for gunning down ACT police chief Colin Stanley Winchester in his neighbour’s driveway in 1989. Eastman is serving a life sentence for the murder, but has always maintained his innocence."