Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Oscar Pistorius: The defence shifts from Pistorius' testimony to forensic experts called on his behalf; A BBC reporter raises the relationship between forensics and credibility; and finally (Hallelujah) a contrary view from the media; "Talk Left," raises the possibilty that prosecutors have not yet established his guilt beyond a resonable doubt.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: This analysis by BBC News reporter Pumza Fihlani contains a fascinating quote by BBC Africa Correspondent Andrew Harding which raises the relationship between forensics and credibility: "However well his forensic experts proceed to shore up his testimony in the coming days, Mr Pistorius' credibility has been damaged.”

ANALYSIS: "Pistorius trial: Reeva Steenkamp shot in 'rapid fire', by Pumza Fihlani News, published by BBC News on  April 16, 2014.

GIST: "The girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius was shot in quick succession as she fell down, a forensics expert has told the South African athlete's murder trial. This differs from a police ballistics witness who said there was short break between the first and second shots.  Mr Pistorius denies intentionally killing Ms Steenkamp in early hours of Valentine's Day last year. He says he fired rapidly in fear through the toilet door after he mistook Ms Steenkamp for an intruder......... The trial has been adjourned until Thursday, which will be the last day before a break; proceedings will resume on Monday 5 May."

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See the following "Talk Left" perspective: Prosecutors have not yet proven his guild beyond a reasonable doubt; "Oscar Pistorius has completed his testimony. The prosecutor picked apart every little detail hoping to show his version of events was not possible. The state is pushing an alternate theory, however, it sounds like it's nothing more than "it might have happened this way." He didn't get Oscar to admit that any of the elements of his theory were correct. The state's theory is predicated on an argument between the couple, and given Oscar's denial and the lack of any other witnesses present, I don't see how the theory can be considered proved in any way, let alone by proof beyond a reasonable doubt."


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