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Mark Lundy: Murder retrial; Day 14; "A shirt found in Mark Lundy's car had blood on it, an ESR (Environmental Science and Research) scientist has told a High Court."

POST: "Mark Lundy murder retrial: Day 14," by reporter John Baluszka, published by on February 26, 2015.

GIST: "A shirt found in Mark Lundy's car had blood on it, an ESR  (Environmental Science and Research) scientist has told a High Court. Yesterday he told the court about blood found around the Lundys' house. All of it could be attributed to either Amber or Christine Lundy.
Mark Lundy, 56, is accused of staging a burglary, and killing wife, Christine, 38, and daughter Amber, 7 on August 30, 2000. The Crown alleges the pair were killed with a small axe or tomahawk, which has not been found. Lundy was tried in 2002 and is being retried following a Privy Council ruling, and has pleaded not guilty. Today is day 14 of the retrial."

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See related One News Story: "The defence in the Lundy trial has cross-examined a forensic expert about samples he collected from clothing belonging to Christine Lundy's brother. Mark Lundy is being retried at the High Court in Wellington for the murder of Christine and Amber Lundy in their Palmerston North home in August 2000. Lundy denies the charges. Environmental Science and Research expert Bjorn Sutherland has been giving evidence about forensic results he obtained during the homicide investigation, including taking blood samples and DNA from the bodies of the victims. Under cross-examination from David Hislop QC, Mr Sutherland told the court that he collected a controlled sample of fibres from a dark blue jersey found in the bedroom of Glenn Weggery, Christine Lundy's brother on 31 October 2000. Mr Hislop asked Mr Sutherland whether he had found dark blue fibres under Christine Lundy's fingernails. Mr Sutherland said he found visible purple, blue and black fibres. The said traces of blood as well as two visible blue and grey fibres were found beneath Ambers fingernails. The jury also heard testing conducted at Glenn Weggerys house detected blood on a pillow, a handkerchief and light blood staining on a pair of underpants. Further blood was detected on a hand basin. Mr Weggery gave evidence earlier in the trial about how he had discovered the bodies of his sister and niece in their home on August 30. Under cross-examination by the defence, Mr Weggery vigorously denied being involved in their killings."


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