Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bulletin: Innocence Project sends out a powerful message: "Stand up for innocence on Wrongful Conviction Day." (Friday 2 October, 2015);

"Wrongful Conviction Day, which was first celebrated last year, will take place again on Friday, October 2nd.  To mark the occasion, we are urging our supporters to help spread the word through their social media channels in hopes of making this an annual day to recognize and remember the many men and women who have been wrongly convicted.


Help us make a lasting impact on October 2nd by posting a photo that represents you standing up for innocence – take a selfie wearing an Innocence Project T-shirt, take a photo that represents what it means to lose your freedom for something you didn’t do, create a graphic about wrongful convictions using data from our website or share the story of one of the 330 DNA exonerees. Then post it to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #WrongfulConvictionDay and #StandUp4INNOCENCE.  Be creative to help bring awareness to this important cause, and please urge your friends to learn more about the Innocence Project and our work to free to the innocent."