Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bulletin: Ben Butler: UK. Ongoing trial: Letters describe couple's turbulent relationship..."The Old Bailey was shown handwritten letters and prayers seized by police at the family home in Westover Close following Ellie's death. One "letter of prayer" found inside the bedroom at the couple's home read: "Make him stop being angry, hateful and violent.".........A note entitled "Ellie's behaviour" outlined 10 points including: "lying, not doing as she's told, does not listen or pay attention, constantly answers back, argues, constantly manipulative, feel you can't trust her, acts like a child prior to her years, we feel she is aware she is doing this". BBC News;

"A couple's turbulent relationship has been revealed in letters found after their six-year-old daughter died from head injuries. Ben Butler is accused of killing Ellie Butler at their family home in Sutton, south-west London in October. A jury heard how Ellie lived in a "toxic" environment due to Mr Butler's volatile temper, while partner Jennie Gray would do anything to please him. The 36-year-old denies murder and a separate charge of child cruelty. Ellie's mother Ms Gray, 36, also denies a child cruelty charge relating to a shoulder injury. She has admitted perverting the course of justice by giving a false account of what she did on the day Ellie died. Ellie died 11 months after the couple got her back from care. She was returned to them after Mr Butler was cleared on appeal of assaulting her as a six-week-old baby. A post-mortem examination revealed she suffered skull fractures from at least two severe impacts.  The trial continues."