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Rajesh and Nupur Talwar: Shree Paradkar's indictment of the application of forensic science in their sorely tainted trial; An indictment of forensic science gone wrong. (Must Read. HL);

PUBLISHER'S VIEW: I have previously run several posts on Shree Paradkar's accounts of  the failure of India's law enforcement and legal systems to provide a fair trial  to Rajesh and Nupur  Talwar. Shree, who I got to know and respect when I worked at the Toronto Star has now  written an ebook, published by the Star, called "Betrayed: My cousin's wrongful conviction for the murder of her daughter, Aarushi." In this chapter from the very reasonably priced book Shree exposes the woeful forensics that led to the wrongful convictions - an indictment of forensic science  gone wrong that cries out for remedy.

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The testimony of 14 witnesses who were dropped was crucial for the defence. Among them: A doctor who examined the couple’s murdered daughter Aarushi’s vaginal swab and told police there was no sign of semen. A constable who stated in police records that she had allowed cleaners to clean the crime scene hours after Aarushi’s body was discovered. The high-ranking Arun Kumar, who, during his stint at the national police force CBI, headed a team that conducted extensive investigations and exonerated Rajesh in July 2008. His testimony would have been contrary to the prosecutors’ and would have forced the judge to formally recognize Kumar’s investigation. When the Talwars sought to call these people as defence witnesses, prosecutors argued they should not be allowed to call any witnesses at all.  The dozen or so witnesses the defence wanted to call were “irrelevant,” CBI prosecutor R.K. Saini told court. Any attempt to call other witnesses was a delaying tactic and should also be rejected, he said. In the end, the court allowed the Talwars to call seven witnesses, a list that did not include the above three. “Every day gets more difficult,” Nupur told me then.

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