Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bulletin: Ivan Henry; Vancouver: CTV news story gets to the heart of why Ivan Henry - an innocent man - has been forced to to sue the British Columbia authorities for compensation. (Must see. HL);

Countdown to Wrongful Conviction Day:  Friday, October 2,  2105; 19 days. For information:

"The short news story gets to the heart of one of the ugliest miscarriages of justice in Canadian history; As Henry's lawyer John Laxton  puts it: "Ivan Henry didn't just fall through the cracks in the legal system. He was pushed by lawyers and prosecutors when they needed a conviction in a series of brutal Vancouver rapes." Publisher's note: If the police and government's role in this travesty are not disgusting enough, the refusal  of the authorities to compensate Henry for his 27 year imprisonment  is beyond the pale. It certainly  draws the administration of justice in British Columbia into glaring disrespect. The TV story can be found at the following link. Harold Levy: Publisher; The Charles Smith  Blog".