Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bulletin: Raymond "Beaver" Tempest Jr. Rhode Island; He is to be released on bail pending the state's appeal of a lower court's decision after 23 years behind bars: As summed up in a previous post: "Murder conviction vacated after 23 years in prison after his lawyers presented testimony and DNA evidence not heard in the original trial, including the fact that hair found clutched in Picard’s hand did not belong to Tempest. "Boston’s former Police Commissioner, Ed Davis, who was the lead official in the pursuit of the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects, also testified during the trial as an expert witness for the defense. Davis explained how it was a tragic case of massive incompetence, since former police chief Rodney Remblad was allegedly forced by then-police chief Joseph Baillargeon to “keep it to yourself.” Baillargeon was the godfather to a brother of the defendant." WPRI.

"The Rhode Island Supreme Court has agreed to release a man whose murder conviction for a 1982 killing was overturned while it considers the state's appeal of the lower court's judgment. Sixty-two-year-old Raymond Tempest was convicted in 1992 of second-degree murder in the death of a Woonsocket woman, Doreen Picard. He maintained his innocence. The court granted bail Tuesday.........A Superior Court judge vacated the conviction in July, faulting police and prosecutors for violating Tempest's due process rights. The state appealed. Tempest's release was delayed to allow time for a state Supreme Court review."