Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Raymond Jennings: California; Prosecution expert who testified at trial has had a change of mind); A judge has thrown out his murder conviction after prosecutors announced there was new evidence that seemed to “undermine the entire prosecution case and point unerringly to innocence or reduced culpability.”..." The judge also noted that a prosecution expert who testified at trial about the sexual motive — “the cornerstone” of the case, the judge said — had since changed his stance. Without that testimony, Ryan ruled, the prosecution’s case would have been “decidedly different.” In a written statement Monday, Blake, the trial prosecutor, said he’s “aware of additional facts that were not available to me at the time I tried Raymond Lee Jennings.” “As a result,” he said, “I understand why my office has lost confidence in the conviction.” Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey said in a statement that the case shows her office is “dedicated to serving justice, even when it means reopening a closed case.” Asking a judge to throw out the conviction in Jennings’ case — one of more than 1,000 that prosecutors have been asked to look into — marked the first big move by the district attorney’s unit dedicated to overturning wrongful convictions."