Monday, March 20, 2017

Derek Bromley; South Australia; (Part 1); Application for leave to appeal: Disgraced pathologist Dr. Colin Manock's testimony at heart of his application for leave to appeal. "In a scathing assessment of a report authored by controversial former SA Chief Forensic Pathologist, Dr Colin Manock, Professor Anthony Thomas told the Supreme Court the evidence could not discount the possibility Stephen Docoza was already dead when he fell into the River Torrens in 1984. Bromley, 61, was sentenced to life in prison with a 20-year non-parole period after he and another man, John Karpany, were convicted of Mr Docoza’s murder."..."Bromley’s appeal became possible when the State Government introduced legislation in 2013, allowing convicted killers to challenge their convictions if “fresh and compelling new evidence” came to light. Several appeals, including that of now-freed accused killer Henry Keogh, have centred on alleged flaws in Dr Manock’s forensic reports."


STORY: "Derek Bromley appeals murder conviction for 1984 death of Stephen Docoza," by reporter Mitch Mott, published by Adelaide Now on March 20, 2017.