Monday, January 23, 2012

West Memphis Three: Toronto Star reporter Linda Bernard's take on "West of Memphis" at the Sundance Festival;

STORY: "Sundance 2012: Men wrongly jailed for West Memphis murders show grace," by Linda Bernard published earlier today in the Toronto Star.

GIST: "In the documentary West of Memphis, seen for the first time at Sundance Friday morning, several witness tearfully recant testimony onscreen, while DNA evidence points to a new suspect — Terry Hobbs, the stepfather of victim Stevie Branch. The DNA findings put him at the scene of the murders and the film also uncovers evidence of a violent past and a criminal record. Most damning is new evidence gleaned from a crime hotline from people claiming Hobbs had confessed to a family member that he was involved in the murders, a confession one man claims to have overheard. In the doc, Hobbs’ nephew refers to it as “the Hobbs family secret.” The question now is whether the state prosecutor will reopen the investigation. Echols’ lawyer Stephen Braga told reporters said the new evidence is with the prosecutor and he has said he’ll review it."


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