Friday, January 31, 2014

Bulletin: David Camm; Indiana; NBC 'Dateline' documents his battle to clear his name over three murder trials this evening at 9.00 PM; Friday January 31.

Site for tonight's program - with trailor: 

Another good read: Why the Camm case isn't over yet; "Camm's name has been in the news since September 28, 2000, the day he came home to find his wife Kim and their children, Bradley and Jill, shot to death inside the garage of their Georgetown, Indiana home. Twice convicted, Camm had both of those convictions thrown out before a jury in Lebanon, Indiana found him not guilty in Fall 2013. But the price of justice has not yet been paid. Our newsgathering partner The News & Tribune reports there were still $659,000 in bills yet to be paid by Floyd County for the Camm trial as of mid-January, with all but $51,800 owed to the defense. WAVE 3 News has covered the Floyd County Auditor's questioning of the receipts submitted to the county for reimbursement in the past.  Now he will be making those arguments in court. Tonight on WAVE 3 News at 11, the unusual step in this most-unusual case that has the county making its arguments to a judge about how it pays its bills. In addition, the Floyd County Council president explains what happens to the already financially-strapped county if it has to pay the full amount."

Wikipedia account of the Camm prosecution; "David Camm is a former Indiana State Trooper acquitted after three trials for the murder of his wife and two children at their Georgetown, Indiana home on September 28, 2000.[1] He was convicted twice, both reversed in the court of appeals, and was acquitted during the third trial.[2] The case was covered extensively by the media in the southern Indiana and Louisville area following the crime and has attracted the attention of the national press, appearing on 48 Hours, Dateline, and Nancy Grace. The case has also attracted the attention of wrongful conviction groups in recent years who consider Camm to have been erroneously convicted of this crime.[3][4] The case underwent a long series of revisions to the theory of the crime to accommodate new forensic evidence and the discovery of a second suspect. The other suspect, Charles Boney, has since been convicted and is serving a 225 year sentence for the murders.[5] The prosecutorial misconduct in the case has been profiled in a forensic textbook called Forensic Fraud: Evaluating Law Enforcement and Forensic Science Cultures in the Context of Examiner Misconduct."[6]


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