GIST: "With a jury trial set to begin on Tuesday in Solano County Superior Court for a Suisun City man accused of murder and felony child abuse related to the death of an infant in 2010, new evidence in the case has the defense calling for a delay. Reginald Tanubagijo and his defense counsel, Martinez criminal defense attorney Jaye Ryan, appeared in court ahead of Tuesday's start to jury selection, where Ryan announced that the defense might not be prepared to move forward. Ryan, who had already filed a motion seeking to delay the case, also stated before Judge Robert C. Fracchia that she had just been notified the day prior that prosecutors had received new evidence in the case, specifically related to the child's birthing records. Tanubagijo is accused in the death of a 3-month-old boy named Buddy, a foster child who was in his care.........During a July 2012 probable cause hearing, two doctors called to testify by prosecutors opined that non-accidental trauma caused the baby's death. However, a forensic pathologist called to testify by Ryan testified that while the cause of death was blunt head trauma, it was possible that it could have been the result of an accidental fall."

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