Monday, January 27, 2014

Ronnie Munoz-Hernandez: Toronto; His trial on a charge of murdering 5-month-old baby Adriel Garcia DaSilva continues; Toronto Star reports his testimony that he slipped and accidentally dropped Adriel on the bathroom floor;

STORY: "Accused man says he accidentally dropped baby Adriel in bathroom, murder trial hears," by reporter Alyshah Hasham, published by the Toronto Star on January 27, 2014;

GIST:  "The night before 5-month-old Adriel Garcia DaSilva was found unresponsive, Ronnie Munoz-Hernandez testified, he slipped and dropped the baby on the bathroom floor while stepping out of the shower. “He fell fast and hard,” Munoz-Hernandez, 25, said during his trial on a charge of second-degree murder. Munoz-Hernandez described instinctively reaching for the bathroom walls with his arms as he slipped. When he picked up Adriel, who was screaming and crying, he testified that the baby “looked OK.” He did not see any blood, he said. Later that night, Adriel was laughing and behaving normally, Munoz-Hernandez told the court.........Munoz-Hernandez denied that he wanted to have children with DaSilva, as she has testified. “She is the last person I’d want to have a baby with,” he said, after testifying that DaSilva was not responsible, lied about who she was with, was not going to school or working, and had no plans for her future. “The only thing she had on her brain was party, party, party.” Munoz-Hernandez was in a relationship with his common-law wife in Colombia at the time. She was attending university and working part-time. Leaving her for DaSilva would be “senseless,” he testified. During his testimony, Munoz-Hernandez also denied ever making comments to an acquaintance about putting hot sauce on the baby’s mouth or putting him in the fridge. “That’s out of reality,” he said. He left the hospital in the hours after Adriel was admitted because he saw police officers and was afraid being caught breaching a court order, he told the court. Munoz-Hernandez and DaSilva had been ordered not to have contact with each other by the court following a minor theft incident. In a panic after learning DaSilva was blaming him for Adriel’s death, he went to Montreal, he said. He says he expected to be able to return to Toronto soon. “Jessica was always lying and I expected someone to catch her in a lie,” he said. The trial continues.
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