Monday, April 25, 2016

Keith Allen Harward: Virginia; His moving in-depth interview with reporter Frank Green of the Richmond Times-Dispatch: "The principal evidence against Harward was testimony from two forensic dentists who concluded that his teeth matched bite marks left on the rape victim’s legs. One of the dentists was Dr. Lowell Levine, a pioneer in the field who had helped convict serial killer Ted Bundy and assisted in identifying the remains of Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele. “That Levine character, he was a Svengali,” Harward said. By the time Levine was done telling the jury about his background, “they were eating out of his hand,” Harward recalled. Levine, who is from New York, did not respond to requests for comment. “Bogus science, smoke and mirrors ... and it worked,” Harward said of the dentists’ testimony." (Must Read. HL);