Thursday, August 11, 2016

Flawed FBI hair matching testimony: (Santae Tribble); Blogger Mike Bowers of the feisty CSIDDS Blog says he's shocked by "how long it took to debunk the FBI's use of hair," - as evidenced by an article (link provided) by law prof Brandon Garrett: As Bowers writes: "Its a long read, but this journal article (in 'Litigation' a publication of the American Bar Association) by Professor Brandon Garrett runs the true story about the decades of effort it took to get rid of the debunked (to most of us) use of innocent people’s hair to falsely convict them of crimes. The piece is a tribute to those who advocate the sustainable use of “science” in criminal courts. Nothing short of a national system of command and control of forensic testimony is needed." (A very important article by a great scholar - and voice well worth listening to; Goes to the heart of this Blog. Heartily recommended to our readers. Congrats to the American Bar Association for publishing it. HL);