Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why so Many “Confessions” in Shaken Baby Syndrome Cases? An important post by Phil Locke on The Wrongful Conviction Blog worth revisiting a year later: Excellent links; Publisher's Note..."As Phil Locke points out, parents facing charges in connection with the deaths of their children are also extremely vulnerable to police pressures - especially since they are grieving the deaths of their children. I became aware of this vulnerability during my reporting on many of the cases which led to the independent Goudge Inquiry into many of disgraced former doctor Charles Smith's cases. To my astonishment, in virtually all of the cases I investigated not one of the parents (or caregivers) asked for a lawyer when cautioned by the police that they had the right to counsel - and not one of them refused to be interviewed by the police. This was a huge contrast with most of the clients I represented in my criminal practice facing the nuts and bolts cases of the criminal courts. Most of them shut up when cautioned by the police (if not before) and exercised their right to remain silent. Having to talked to many of Smith's victims, it is apparent to me that they willingly talked to the police without seeking a lawyer's intervention because they were desperate to find out why their baby died, and therefore looked to the police to find answers."

GIST: "In suspected SBS cases, the child abuse pediatricians (CAP’s) and the police are perfectly willing to coerce a confession out of you, and they have circumstances on their side, because you are at your most vulnerable. You are terribly concerned about the condition of your child, or worse yet, your child has just died. (See our previous post on child abuse pediatricians here: The Child Abuse Pediatrician (CAP) – Just Another Term for Medical “Cop”)
We’ve posted about SBS “confessions” before. See Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) – A CBS Report: Blaming Melissa for the coerced “confession” of Melissa Calusinski. See Scenes of a Crime – A Documentary of a False Confession and Blatantly Coerced Confession Results in Conviction Reversal for the coerced “confession” of Adrian Thomas.
Washtenaw Watchdogs (Washtenaw County, MI) has just published an investigative report article on their website dealing with this very issue. It’s very powerful. See it HERE."

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