Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Goudge Inquiry: The OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) Letter: Part Two; Dr. Young's reply;

A previous posting referred to a letter sent to a letter sent to former Chief Coroner Dr. James Young from an OPP Inspector who wrote that Dr. Smith was so angry about a speeding ticket that he threatened to cut off his office's services to families and their children in the Cobourg area.

(See previous posting: The OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) letter; Part One: (Unabridged);

Here is Dr. Young's reply to Inspector J.J. Szarka, dated December 23, 2002.

I am running the letter unabridged for the benefit of the readers of this Blog;

Dear Inspector Szarka:

Re: Your file Reference Number 100 Dr. Charles Smith;

I am replying to your letter of November 18, 2002 which was received at the Office of the Chief Coroner on November 22, 2002.

The complaint has been reviewed with Dr. Smith. Without agreeing to the accuracy of the description of what took place, he sincerely regrets any suggestion or impression that services would not be available.

Moreover, the Office of the Chief Coroner wants to assure your officers that the provision of services was never in jeopardy.

Thank you for bringing this unfortunate incident to my attention.


James G. Young, MD
Chief Coroner for Ontario;

A future posting (Goudge Inquiry: OPP Letter; Part Three) will report on Dr. Young's testimony on the OPP letter to the Inquiry;

Harold Levy;;