Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blogster's Note...

Dear Readers;

One of the joys of running this Blog is hearing from my readers - whether I agree with them or not.

However, occasionally I receive "comments" which are often many times longer than the actual blog - and are stressing out my already crowded hard-drive.

So I am suggesting that our readers use foot-notes or links - rather than posting entire articles.

It is my experience that people tend to read messages that are four or five paragraphs long - but their eyes tend to glaze over if the messages are anything longer than that.

So please keep them short and sharp so that I don't have to arbitrarily do the surgery myself.

(During my years at the Toronto Star I learned that it is far better to cut down the story yourself than to allow the editors to slash it away!)

So thanks for sticking with me, dear readers.

Some of you send me information I'm not aware of;

Others remind me when I have strayed - so that I can quickly repair the damage.

But most of all, I appreciate the many messages of encouragement I have received to keep on going as long as possible, so that the crucial issues triggered by Dr. Charles Randal Smith will never be allowed to fade away - and so that the far too many people and their families tragically affected by him will know that they are not alone;

Best wishes,

Harold Levy;

The Charles Smith Blog;