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Bulletin: Cristhian Bahena-Rivera. Iowa. A new trial date has been set for this field labourer accused of murdering University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts: September 29, 2020.i

BACKGROUND: Mollie  Tibbetts was a 20-year-old University of Iowa student who disappeared while out on a jog in her hometown of Brooklyn in July of 2018.  Authorities say 24-year-old Christhian Bahena Rivera led them to the body of Mollie Tibbetts in the summer of 2018. Rivera made his first court appearance in August of 2018 -- charged with the murder of 20-year-old Tibbetts. Over the last year, Rivera's case has seen a significant amount of motions and delays, along with changes in location. In March of this year, his original trial location was moved from Poweshiek county to Woodbury county, due to pretrial publicity.


PUBLISHER'S NOTE: "The Cristhian Bahena Rivera case has become heavily politicized, as reporter Luke Nozicka reports in The Des Moines Register, in a story headed 'Mollie Tibbett's father says daughter would not want to be face of immigration debate, published on September 1, 2018,  which can be read at the link below: "After his daughter’s body was found and a man authorities say is an undocumented immigrant was charged with murder, some politicians immediately used Mollie's killing as a rallying cry for tougher immigration laws.........."After he read a guest column in the Register from Donald Trump Jr., the eldest child of President Donald Trump, Rob Tibbetts said he had to respond.  Trump Jr.'s column criticized Democrats' response to Mollie Tibbetts' killing and said the party seemed more concerned with "protecting their radical open-borders agenda than the lives of innocent Americans."  In a response published in the Register, Rob Tibbetts said his family was grateful to the politicians who heard his appeal and stopped using his daughter's death to promote agendas. But others did not, instead choosing to "callously distort and corrupt Mollie's tragic death," he said. Quoting Trump Jr.'s column, Tibbetts said it's "heartless" and "despicable."  President Trump and other politicians — including Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds and both of Iowa’s Republican U.S. senators — have referenced the University of Iowa student's death to promote increased border security measures."

Harold Levy: Publisher: The Charles Smith Blog. 

STORY: "New trial date is set for man accused of killing Mollie 
Tibbetts," published by KWWL on April 10 2020.

GIST: "According to Iowa Courts, the trial date for Cristhian Bahena-Rivera is set for September 29th, 2020 at 9 a.m. in Woodbury County. Rivera is accused of murdering University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts.  His trial was moved from Poweshiek County to Woodbury county after his attorney and prosecutors agreed finding an impartial jury would not be possible."

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