Wednesday, August 19, 2020

NOTE TO READERS Announcement of my new Blog: The Selfless Warriors Blog.

Dear readers of The Charles Smith Blog. 

I am getting ready to launch my new Blog - 'The Selfless Warriors Blog' - on Monday August 24th.

As the site will indicate: "This Blog is dedicated to those exceptional individuals who are ripped out of their ordinary lives by their inability to stand by in the face of a glaring miscarriage of justice. They are my 'Selfless Warriors."

One important note: "The Selfless Warriors' are not people who have been paid to go to bat for wrongfully accused individuals such as lawyers and investigators. They are largely ordinary people, like mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and friends, who often  have never been in a courtroom - and occasionally utter strangers - whose everyday lives are unexpectedly interrupted when they are confronted by a miscarriage of justice, and they become propelled by a strong force deep within themselves to fight for justice - often up-ending their own lives in the process.

An introductory note on each post explains: "Words of wisdom from Winnipeg Free Press scribe Dan Lett: "When someone claims innocence in the court of public opinion, most citizens tend to wrap themselves in a cocoon of comforting disbelief. We do so because it’s easier to disbelieve someone’s incredible claims of innocence than to accept the justice system, the thing supposed to be our buffer between order and anarchy, could make such a horrible mistake." The ’Selfless Warriors’ this Blog is dedicated  to those people who looked deeply into the eyes  of people claiming innocence rather than wrapping themselves in cocoons of  comfortable belief and were compelled by forces within themselves to fight to remedy the injustice, in spite of the havoc it might wreak in their lives. I  will pay tribute in weekly posts  to 16 'Selfless Warriors’ from Japan, New Zealand, Canada, the United  States and other jurisdictions around the world.  However, these 16 are most likely the tip of the iceberg. Readers should  draw my attention to other ‘Selfless Warriors’ they are  aware of  by way of comment on the site, or by way of private email at

At present, I plan to run  posts on 16 'Selfless Warriors - one each week - which will take me through four months. If, However, as I hope, my dear readers will send me suggestions as to further 'Selfless Warriors,'  they are aware of, I will add additional posts. 

Harold Levy: Publisher: The Charles Smith Blog.