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Bulletin; Aubrey Levin: The former forensic psychiatrist's appeal on charges of sexually molesting three of his male patients has been dismissed. He must turn himself in by 10. a.m. Friday to begin serving a five-year prison sentence. Calgary Herald.

STORY: "Psychiatrist Aubrey Levin exhausts all appeals, must begin serving sentence for sex assaults,"  by reporter Daryl Slade, published by the Calgary Herald on April 23, 2104.

SUB-HEADING:  "Aubrey Levin has been sentenced to five years in prison for sexually molesting three of his male patients between 2008 and 2010."

GIST: Former forensic psychiatrist Aubrey Levin must turn himself in by 10 a.m. on Friday to begin serving a five-year prison sentence for sexually molesting three of his male patients between 2008 and 2010, the province’s top court has ruled. Levin, 74, had been out on bail pending the result of his conviction appeal heard last October, but the Alberta Court of Appeal on Wednesday dismissed all of his grounds for being awarded a new trial. The court gave him 48 hours to turn himself into custody or they would have a warrant issued for his arrest. Chief Justice Catherine Fraser and justices Carole Conrad and Bruce McDonald also dismissed an application by Levin’s lawyers Karen Molle and Heather Ferg to admit fresh evidence on appeal.......... Court heard that RB initially saw Levin as part of a court order in 2001, but later volunteered to continue to see the doctor for ongoing treatment until he went to police in March 2010 after two specific appointments, which he recorded on a Spy Watch camera. The video, played several times in court, shows Levin unzipping RB’s pants, fondling his genitals, chest and abdomen. RB had discussed all of his problems with Levin, including alcohol and drug abuse, a history of sexual and physical abuse as a child and significant psychiatric problems. In his statements to police and testimony at trial, RB described between 18 and 100 incidents of sexual abuse by Levin.
After RB gave a statement to police about the abuse, another 20 complainants came forward. But by trial in 2012, Crown prosecutors Bill Wister and Dallas Sopko opted to go ahead with only 10 of them. One more charge was stayed early in the trial, leaving nine alleged victims. The trial featured a bizarre incident in which Levin’s wife Erica allegedly tried to bribe a juror at a C-Trian station near the court house with an envelope containing either $1,000 or $10,000, in exchange for finding him not guilty. The juror reported the incident and Erica Levin, 70, was first cited for contempt of court, then charged criminally with attempting to obstruct justice by bribing a juror. She has pleaded not guilty to the criminal charge and her trial is set for the fall. The judge later dropped the contempt citation. The judge reluctantly dismissed the juror who had allegedly been approached by the doctor’s wife, and the remaining 11 jurors convicted Levin on the three counts, acquitted him of two counts and the other four ended with a hung jury. Two of the counts were retried last month with prosecutors Shane Parker and Sopko and again ended without a second jury being able to reach a verdict on either count after four days of deliberations. The Crown has not yet decided whether it will pursue a third trial on the two counts that have twice not been decided."

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