Friday, April 11, 2014

Bulletin: Graham Stafford: Queensland, Australia; Attorney General announces Stafford will not face the prospect of a new trial; The Courier-Mail.

GIST: "Graham Stafford will no longer face the prospect of a new trial over the murder of 13-year-old Leanne Holland. Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie has announced he will not proceed with an ex-officio indictment against him. Mr Stafford was convicted of the murder in 1992 but the conviction was set aside by the Court of Appeal in 2009.........“The relevant considerations included, but were not limited to, the age of the case and inevitable impact on the evidence, given that more than 20 years has passed since Leanne’s death, and the fact that Graham Stafford has served 15 years in prison."

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"Some people, including Professor Paul Wilson of Bond University believe that Stafford is a victim of a miscarriage of justice. ........A Brisbane Sunday Mail examination of the police investigation revealed that an Ipswich computer store worker provided information to the police about a man who had entered the store on the same day as Leanne's body was dumped in nearby bushland. The worker claimed that the man had been behaving in a peculiar manner and had blood stains on his hands and trousers when he entered the store. Furthermore, reports of Leanne having been seen alive on the day after the police allege she was murdered were ignored. A report of a vehicle other than Stafford's being sighted near the body was also ignored. Forensic scientist, Angela van Daal, gave evidence at trial that helped convict Stafford of the murder. She has since stated that the blood identified as Leanne's could have come from another family member. Although the frequency of the blood type matching anyone in the general population was only about one percent, the frequency among relatives is as high as 25 percent. Around the time of the murder, Leanne's brother Craig had slashed his hand in a pub fight and had bled freely in the family home, also Leanne had recently cut her foot and had walked through the house. It has also been revealed that another twelve-year-old girl was murdered less than one kilometre away from where Leanne Holland lived within thirteen days of Leanne's murder. The man who was charged with the second murder had been known to Leanne. Furthermore, daughters of a police informant in the Leanne Holland case have come forward claiming their father sexually abused them at the murder site, burnt them with cigarette lighters and showed them crime scene photographs of Leanne's body.""

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