Saturday, January 24, 2015

Anthony Ray Hinton; Alabama; he has been removed from death row - after 30 years awaiting execution - pending a retrial ordered because his lawyer did not know that spending limits for qualified ballistic experts had been lifted - and that he could have hired a better one to counter the state's forensic experts;

STORY: "Man being removed from Alabama death row for retrial in 1985 slayings of Birmingham fast food managers," by reporter Kent Faulk, published  by on January 15, 2015.

GIST:  "After spending nearly 30 years awaiting execution for the deaths of two Birmingham area fast-food restaurant managers, Anthony Ray Hinton will be removed from Alabama Death Row in the next few weeks to await a new trial in the slayings.........Petro in October had ordered Hinton's conviction set aside and for him to be retried. She issued the order after rulings earlier in 2014 from the U.S. Supreme Court and Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals that she should look at whether the lawyer for Anthony Ray Hinton should have hired a better firearms expert for his trial.  Hinton was convicted of killing two fast-food restaurant managers and wounding a third during three robberies in 1985. Hinton was convicted largely on the strength of the eyewitness testimony of the surviving restaurant manager and expert testimony from prosecution witnesses that bullets recovered from all three crime scenes had been fired by a pistol police found in his home. A man hired by Hinton's trial attorney to counter state forensics experts testified the bullets could not be matched to the gun, but in stinging cross examination was discredited by the prosecution over his qualifications and findings. Hinton's court appointed defense attorney had contended that he tried to find a better firearms expert cut could not find one with the limited funds he had. But the appeals courts ruled that the defense attorney did not know that the spending limits for such experts had been lifted and he could have hired a better one.......... The issue over whether the defense gun expert was qualified to testify in Hinton's case has been going for more than six years. As of today Hinton has been on death row 29 years, four months and 28 days. He also spent another 485 days in the county jail."

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