Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christina Cinelli-McFall; Florida; Trial underway for former daycare provider charged with injuring a 1-year-old boy; Prosecutor says doctors concluded injuries were consistent with shaken-baby syndrome or blunt force head trauma. Daytona Beach News Journal;

"Christina Cinelli- McFall is charged with hurting a boy, 1. “I’d never hurt Eli,” he  (the boy's father)  testified Monday, recalling what Christina Cinelli-McFall told him after an ambulance picked up the 1-year-old boy and took him to Florida Hospital Flagler. Eli had been rushed to the hospital after suffering a seizure. Doctors said the boy was suffering from bleeding within the skull and a swollen brain. Investigators later concluded Eli suffered those injuries at the hands of Cinelli-McFall, who ran a private day care business out of her Palm Coast home. Her business closed and she eventually was charged with one count of aggravated child abuse. Her trial began Monday morning at the Kim C. Hammond Justice Center..........Among the other witnesses called Monday was Dr. Ian Heger, the neurosurgeon who performed surgery on Eli after the child was airlifted to Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville. Heger confirmed on the stand that Eli had bleeding on his brain, as well as some noticeable swelling. He said he also noticed a “mid-line shift” of the brain. In other words, Eli’s brain had shifted past its center line.......Prosecutor Christy Opsahl said doctors concluded Eli’s injuries were consistent with shaken-baby syndrome or blunt force head trauma......... The state rested its case Monday afternoon. Defense attorney Mike Lambert is expected to call his own medical expert today to refute the state’s allegation that Cinelli-McFall injured the child. He said he also intends to call at least two more witnesses to the stand, but wasn’t specific."

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