Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Breaking News: Amanda Knox; Rome: CNN reports that the Italian appellate Court is taking on the case on Friday. AFP reports, "Italian court told conviction case perfect, ruling delayed."

"Italy's highest court Friday will consider whether to  uphold the 2009 murder conviction  of American Amanda Knox, according to  Judge Gennaro Marasca.

See related AFP story: "Italian court told conviction case perfect, ruling delayed." An Italian prosecutor told the country’s top court Wednesday that Amanda Knox’s conviction for the  sensational murder of British student Meredith Kercher  was “beyond reproach.”……Pinellii told the court that “all the figures in this crie fit into a perfect reconstruction which has no flaws. “The scenario outlined by the Florence judges is beyond approach,” he added.Knox’s defence lawyer Carlo Dalla Vedova said the prosecution’s version of the events was “not justice but a misrepresentation of the facts.” The Florence court’s verdict was  “a very serious miscarriage of justice which must be put right,” he said. Sollecito’s  lawyer  will also get a chance to respond on Friday, beforwe the court retires to consider its verdict. The ruling – which could spark a request for Knox’s extradition from the United States – had initially been expected by the end of Wednesday. But with a massive international media presence forcing a change of rooms for the hearing. Wednesday’s proceedings ran on so long that court president Gennaro Marasca  said another session would be necessary.