BREAKING NEWS: "Twenty years after two Louisville men were sent to prison for life for what the prosecution claimed was a Satanic-inspired murder, new DNA testing has discredited the key evidence that led to their convictions. Attorneys at the Innocence Project in New York and the Kentucky Innocence Project say there no longer is any credible evidence that Garr Keith Hardin and Jeffrey Dewayne Clark killed Rhonda Warford in 1992 and dumped her body in a field in Meade County. They were convicted based in part on an expert's testimony that a hair found on Warford's sweatpants was a "microscopic match" with Hardin. But DNA testing, which the commonwealth long opposed, now shows that the hair didn't belong to either man, according to a motion for a new trial filed by their lawyers. The tests also show that blood found on a washcloth at Hardin's house was his own — not that of animals the prosecution claimed he used in alleged ritual sacrifices." The entire story can be found at: