Tuesday, March 24, 2015

David Camm: Indiana: Complaint filed by Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission against second trial prosecutor Keith Henderson alleges a possible book deal he was going to get before the triple murder case was over. Tristate.

STORY: "Complaint filed against prosecutor in the Camm case,"  published by Tristate on March 20, 2015.

GIST: "We continue to learn more about the complaints against the man who led the prosecution of former Indiana State Trooper David Camm. A complaint has been filed against Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson . The Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission accuses Henderson of professional misconduct. He's also accused of using taxpayer money to pay for his defense during an ethics investigation. He's also accused of using taxpayer money to pay for his defense during an ethics investigation.........Questions about Henderson's actions came up after he convicted David Camm of killing his wife and two children at their home near Louisville. That was during Camm's second trial. His case was tried once again in 2013 and Camm was acquitted of all charges."

The entire story can be  found at:


The entire complaint can be found at the following link. (It's a fascinating read; The book would have been called "Sacred Trust and Deadly Betrayal." HL);


See Wikipedia account of the Camm case: (Great read; HL);  "The case has been covered widely in the media. In January 2014, Dateline on NBC aired a two-hour special entitled Mystery on Lockart Road[20] and has been covered three times on 48 Hours on CBS. Two books have been written about the case: One Deadly Night was published in 2005, and Searching For Justice in 2013, as well as a chapter in Jane Velez-Mitchell's book Secrets Can Be Murder: The killer next door."]


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