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Mark Lundy: New Zealand: Murder retrial; Week 4. Defence calls first witness: A U.K. crime scene expert.;

STORY: "Mark Lundy murder retrial: Week 4," by reporter John Galuszka, published by on March 2, 2015.

GIST: "The defence in the retrial of murder-accused Mark Lundy has called its first witness, a UK-based crime scene expert, in the fourth week of proceedings in the High Court in Wellington. .........11:49am: The defence has called its first witness - UK-based crime scene expert Gillian Leak. Justice Simon France told the jury it was "somewhat out of order" for her to be called now, halfway through the Crown witnesses, but she needed to get back to England for an engagement. The judge also told the jury they must consider Leak's evidence like any other, giving whatever weight to it that they want, and that the defence calling evidence did not change the burden of proof. "The prosecution still have to prove the allegations."11:24  am:  Experiments by Leak showed one of the two stains on Mark Lundy's polo shirt, both of which had traces of blood in them, could have in fact created the other stain, the court was told this morning. Defence lawyer David Morgan read sections of a report by Leak, a blood pattern analyst from England, to ESR scientist Bjorn Sutherland. The report had findings of an experiment she did to see how stains could spread on a polo shirt similar to what Lundy wore at the time he allegedly killed his wife and daughter. It said the two stains may have actually started as one, with the shirt effectively contaminating itself. Sutherland said he could not exclude that as a possibility."

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 See related story. TVNZ: "Gillian Leak is a British Blood Pattern Analysis Expert from Principal Forensic Services Ltd in the United Kingdom. Mrs Leak has been called after the court heard several days of evidence from Crown ESR expert, Bjorn Sutherland. She told the jury there have been a lot of advances in forensic science over the past ten years, particularly in relation to DNA analysis.
Mrs Leak has told the court she has extensive expertise in brain tissue found at crime scenes.  She told the court her first case was related to the murders committed by a British serial killer, who became known as the "Yorkshire Ripper." Peter Sutcliffe was convicted in 1981 for the murder of 13 women and attempted murder of seven others. He was sentenced to life imprisonment."


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