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Glenn Ford: Louisiana: Judge denies Glenn Ford compensation, The Shreveport Times reports. (This is the case in which the Caddo District Attorney’s office filed a motion vacating his first-degree murder conviction and death sentence after receiving “credible evidence” that Ford was not present nor did he participate in the robbery and murder - and the case in which Ford's prosecutor (Marty Stroud) has apologized for the manner in which he pursued the case against a man who he now believes is innocent and deserves compensation. HL);

STORY: "Judge denies Glenn Ford compensation," by reporter Vickie Welborn, published by the Shreveport Times on March 27, 2015.

GIST: "A Caddo Parish district court judge has denied a compensation request from exonerated death row inmate Glenn Ford, saying while he didn’t have the blood of the murder victim on his hands he was involved in two lesser crimes. District Judge Katherine Dorroh, in her nine-page ruling released Friday afternoon, concluded that Ford, 65, now living in New Orleans, knew the robbery of jewelry Isadore Rozeman on Nov. 5, 1983 was going to occur and did nothing to stop it, and he attempted to destroy evidence by selling items taken in the robbery and attempting to find buyers for the murder weapon used by those he implicated in the murder. Ford was released from prison on March 11, 2014 after spending almost 30 years on death row. The Caddo District Attorney’s office filed a motion vacating his first-degree murder conviction and death sentence after receiving “credible evidence” that Ford was not present nor did he participate in the robbery and murder of Rozeman........Ford will appeal..“We are disappointed with the court’s decision today denying Glenn Ford compensation for the 30 years he spent on death row for a crime the state of Louisiana agrees he did not commit. In its denial, the court adopted the state’s argument opposing compensation. The ruling inflated the fact that Mr. Ford knew the people who committed the crime and insinuated that Mr. Ford was more involved in the crime than the facts in the record indicate. This is the latest in a series of great injustices that Mr. Ford has suffered over the last 30 years,” attorney Kristin Wenstrom of the Innocence Project New Orleans told The Times. Ford’s pleas of innocence have been ignored and the state fought to execute him. Only after learning of corroborating evidence did the state take action to release him, Wenstrom said. “Then in a cruel twist, the state opposed him being compensated for what everyone agrees was an appalling injustice. In his last days, we can only hope Mr. Ford finds some joy in the company of his friends and family because it is clear he will not receive any sort of relief from the state of Louisiana,” she added."

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See related story on Marty Stroud's counterpart First Assistant District Attorney Dale Cox: "Cox said he's too often witnessed the "enormous toll" homicides take on the victim and survivors. "Barbarians" with no remorse for their crimes, serial killers, baby killers of all races and genders demonstrate to Cox more barbaric behavior over a planned execution. However, Cox is not a believer the death penalty serves as a deterrent to other homicide cases. "It's a deterrent if it goes fast, but we can't get it done fast enough."\ "I'm a believer that the death penalty serves society's interest in revenge. I know it's a hard word to say and people run from it, but I don't run from it because I think there is a very strong societal interest as a people," Cox said. "I think (revenge) is the only reason for it." "I think we need to kill more people. … I think the death penalty should be used more often. It has come to the place in our society where it is used less often, and I think crime in our society has expanded so expeditiously ... that we're going the wrong way with the death penalty that we need it more than ever and we're using it less now," he said."

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