Monday, February 15, 2016

Bite-mark evidence: BBC News observes that, "A Texas forensic science commission has recommended that bite mark evidence should no longer be admitted in court cases" - and asks "How accurate is the science?"..."It's unprecedented in the history of forensic science," says M Chris Fabricant, director of strategic litigation at the Innocence Project, which has been instrumental in calling the technique into question. "[Bite mark evidence] resulted in thousands of convictions, and at least 24 wrongful convictions and indictments."..."The commission will now begin auditing every bite mark conviction obtained by the state of Texas in the last ten years, including the case of David Spence. "It's going to be an enormous undertaking that the Innocence Project will assist with," says Fabricant. "It should have stopped dozens of years ago, unless and until it can be scientifically validated." (Must, Must Read. HL);

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