Friday, September 5, 2008


The following letter appeared recently in the Sudbury Star in connection with the paper's publication of Maurice Gagnon's expectations of the Goudge Inquiry. (See this Blog; "Countdown; 26 days to go; What Maurice Gagnon and his family want to hear from Justice Goudge.")

The letter is self-explanatory - and after reading it several times yesterday I still can't get it out of my mind.

"Way to go Dad, it seems from the diferent stories written about this case that Maurice Gagnon spent litteraly years fighting first to protect his daughter and also vindicate the death of his grandson and he also single handedly brought attention to many simular cases which finaly has given proper closure to several families who went through hell and back because of one single human being, a coroner yes, yet still just a man who put all these families through hell over and above what they were going through with the loss of their beloved children.My mother went through a simular thing back in 1995 when our brother was killed and she could not get one straight answer so she hired a private detective who got the answers for her however by then she had terminal cancer we believe caused from the torture of losing her son and everyone hiding the true answers as to what happened to him. She got her answers just three months before she died and I thank God for that. The reason I brought that up is Maurice Gagnon is my father, my mother and him seperated and divorced 1965, so again way to go Dad and I find it almost erie how both my parents went through the same sort of hell at the same time for different children....May those children rest in peace and I truly hope that each and every family member of this raw horrible ordeal that these families went through finaly find closure because without it one could be enveloped in a living hell that could actualy kill them litteraly.....Lorraine Gagnon;"