Friday, October 10, 2008


In view of Justice Stephen Goudge's disturbing finding that former Chief Coroner Dr. James Young was more concerned about protecting the reputation of his office than whether it might have played a role in past wrongful convictions as a result of Dr. Charles Smith's work - it is relevant to note that in 2004 he was awarded Ontario's highest award: The Order of Ontario.

According to WIKIPEDIA, he Order of Cntario is awarded by the Queen in right of Ontario to, "Ontarians who have demonstrated excellence in any field or made an outstanding contribution to society in Ontario and around the world."

"The Order of Ontario is a prestigious society in the Canadian province of Ontario. Created in 1986 by then Lieutenant Governor Lincoln Alexander, induction into the order is the highest official honour in the province, says WIKIPEDIA.

"The order recognizes individual excellence and achievement in any field, but is not awarded for acts of bravery. When a Lieutenant Governor is sworn in, he or she automatically becomes Chancellor of the order during the terms of office, and, as such, a member for life."

WIKIPEDIA adds that, "The insignia of the order is a stylized trillium, in white and green enamel, edged in gold. In the centre of the trillium is the provincial shield of arms, surmounted by a Crown. The ribbons are red (the colour of the Ontario Ensign), white, green and gold."

The distinguished list of appointees to the Order of Ontario in 2004 included, Jeff Adams — paralympian and world champion in wheelchair sports, Kim Phuc Phan Thi — the legendary Vietnamese napalm victim, Leonard A. Braithwaite, lawyer and former MPP. Joyce Ann Lange, advocate for the hearing impaired, and celebrated food magnate Galen Weston.

Also on the list were:
Dr. Tyseer Aboulnasr — respected leader in engineering
Mohammad Azhar Ali Khan — journalist and multiculturalism expert
Diana Alli — outreach worker
Patricia Ann Arato — aphasia care volunteer
Dr. Robin F. Badgley — sociologist, founder of Department of Behavioural Science at the University of Toronto
Iain Baxter — conceptual artist
Louise Binder — speaker on HIV/AIDS issues
Richard Bradshaw — director of the Canadian Opera Company
Dr. Inez Elliston — educator and community volunteer
Adele Fifield — director of The War Amps
Joan Francolini — community volunteer
Sheldon Galbraith — figure skating coach
Dr. Allan Gross — Professor of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Andrea Hansen — violinist
Delores Lawrence — leading female entrepreneur and philanthropist
RenĂ© J. Marin — respected Francophone jurist
David McGirr — community volunteer in Northern Ontario
Anthony Pawson — scientist known for research of signal transduction in cells
John Rochon — marksman
Chandrakant Shah — public health educator
Gordon Surgeoner — entomologist specializing in insect transmitted diseases
Reverend Monsignor Lawrence (Wawrzyniec) Anthony Wnuk P.A. — outreach worker in the Polish community
James Young — former Chief Coroner, and,
Margaret Zeidler — architect

A Globe and Mail account indicated that, "The province's most prestigious honour will be awarded Sept. 20 by Lt.-Gov. James Bartleman to those that “have enriched the lives of others by attaining the highest standards of excellence.”

A Sept. 14, 2005 Canadian University Press release on the 2004 awards refers to: Professor James Young of laboratory medicine and pathobiology and special adviser to the federal government’s minister of public safety and emergency preparedness is recognized as one of Canada’s foremost forensic scientists and was selected for his leadership during the SARS crisis and the tsunami disaster."

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario announced after the Goudge Report was released that it is investigating Dr. Young.

The College did not provide any details of its investigation;