Sunday, October 7, 2012

Annie Dookhan: Allegation that detective lied under oath about drug tests prompts judge's rebuke; Boston Herald.

STORY: "Perjury allegation prompts judge's rebuke," by reporters Matt Stout and O'Ryan Johnson,  published by the Boston Herald on October 6, 2012.

GIST: "A lawyer for an accused drug dealer whose Suffolk Superior Court charges were the first to be tossed out yesterday in the wake of a state drug lab scandal claims a police detective lied to a grand jury “to explain the results that came out of the lab” handled by accused state drug chemist Annie Dookhan, a shocking allegation that brought a sharp response from prosecutors, police and even the judge. Judge Carol S. Ball accepted prosecutors’ request to drop cocaine distribution charges against Jeffrey Solomon, also known as Jeffrey Banks, yesterday. But Solomon’s lawyer, Victoria Kelleher, also claimed that Sgt. Detective Donald Keehan “perjured himself” in testimony to a grand jury. According to the grand jury minutes, Keenan said the initial field test of the substance he seized did not turn up a positive “blue” indicator. The evidence he believed to be crack cocaine, he said, “might not have been consistent and I may have grabbed a part where it wasn’t cocaine.” Under questioning, he testified he later saw the same evidence again and that there was “a small piece in there that’s blue ... the color (that) would come up for a positive result of cocaine.” But Kelleher said state police retested the sample and it was negative. “It’s simply impossible that it would’ve ever turned blue,” she said. “We reject the assertion the officer perjured himself,” a spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said. “The issue at hand was the officer’s field test, and he states unequivocally that the substance field tested negative for cocaine.”"

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