STORY: "Jury sees more graphic video in trial for psychiatrist charged with sex assaults," by reporter Daryl Slade, published by the Calgary Herald, on October 12, 2012.

GIST: "A jury got a second look at a surreptitiously recorded video that purportedly shows Dr. Aubrey Levin fondling a patient during a session, with enhanced audio, at the forensic psychiatrist's sex assault trial on Friday. However, without a transcript, it was virtually impossible to understand what was being said between Levin and R.B., the 36-year-old man who initiated the complaint in March 2010 after recording two sessions with a spy watch camera, any better than it was the previous day without the enhancement.........R.B. told the jury on Thursday he bought the spy watch for $240 to gather evidence against Levin, whom he said had sexually molested him in February 2010. He recorded two sessions, on March 3 and March 16, with the spy watch camera. In the first video, Levin is seen fondling R.B. twice for about two minutes each during the 70-minute session. In the second one, Levin fondles the 36-year-old patient for more than 14 minutes. R.B. testified he bought the watch because he had been previously molested by the doctor, who punctured his genitals with his fingernails during the February session at Peter Lougheed Centre’s Forensic Assessment and Outpatient Ser-vices (FAOS) unit. R.B. took pictures of the injuries from that incident. They were shown in court. Levin has shown no emotion during the times the videos have been played. R.B. had been scheduled to continue his testimony on Friday, but he was shifted to next Tuesday to accommodate Begault and other experts. A urologist and another forensic psychiatrist are scheduled testify on Monday."
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