Thursday, March 28, 2013

Amanda Knox: Commentary published by The Independent depicts a "bizarre" ruling based on "mishandled forensic evidence and demonisation."

COMMENTARY:  "Bizarre ruling in the case of Amanda Knox and  Raffaele Sollecito merely highlights failings of Italian justice system," by Peter Popham,  published by the Independent on March 27, 2013.

SUB-HEADING: "The pair's conviction despite no evidence or motive  was based on a weak alibi."

GIST:  "Yet the murder was not the mystery it appeared: a few weeks after the couple’s arrest, a local Perugia drifter and drug dealer called Rudy Guede, originally from the Ivory Coast, who had broken into several properties in the preceding weeks and who was in the habit of carrying a knife, was arrested in Germany and sent back to Italy to stand trial. Guede’s traces were all  over the crime scene and he was convicted in a fast-track trial that concluded before the trial of Ms Knox and Mr Sollecito began. The conviction of the pair despite the lack of evidence or motive was principally based on the weakness of their alibi: they claimed to have spent the night together at Mr Sollecito’s flat, but there was nobody to corroborate their story. But the positive claims of prosecution witnesses to have seen them close to the crime scene proved to be flimsy......... Yet to many observers who saw the trial unfold, with its catalogue of mishandled forensic evidence and demonisation of Ms Knox and Mr Sollecito, there was more than reasonable doubt cast on their guilty verdicts. When they both got long, long sentences, it seemed proof of the grossly disproportionate power of prosecutors in Italian trials. One year and five months ago an appeal court in Perugia threw out the convictions of both of them, and Ms Knox flew home to her family. For many observers it represented justice. What the Italian Supreme Court has now decreed appears merely bizarre."

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