Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Deborah Madden: Former SFPD crime lab tech expected to plead guilty to misdemeanor on March 15, 2013.

STORY:  "SFPD crime lab tech expected to plead guilty to misdemeanor," by reporter John Cheever, published by the Bay City News on March 5, 2013.

GIST: "A former San Francisco police crime lab technician accused of taking small amounts of cocaine from her office in 2009 appears to be poised to conclude a plea bargain with federal prosecutors, following two mistrials with hung juries. The federal court docket in the case of Deborah Madden, 62, of San Mateo, shows that Madden is scheduled to enter a change of plea before U.S. District Judge Susan Illston in San Francisco on March 15. Madden's defense attorney, Paul DeMeester, said today, "The U.S. attorney and I are working on resolving this case based on a misdemeanor charge of simple possession of cocaine." "We're working on the details," DeMeester said. A spokesman for prosecutors in the U.S. attorney's office in San Francisco could not immediately be reached for comment. Madden has been charged with the federal crime of obtaining a controlled drug by means of fraud, deception or subterfuge. That crime carries a maximum sentence of four years in prison upon conviction, whereas the lesser misdemeanor possession charge has a maximum sentence of one year. Madden's two previous trials on the more serious charge in Illston's court ended in mistrials in October and January with jurors unable to agree on a verdict. Madden has admitted she took bits of cocaine from the laboratory's drug analysis unit in offices at the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, but has maintained she took only trace amounts spilled during weighing."



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