Saturday, April 6, 2013

Annie Dookhan: State crime lab; WCVB TV sees "a crime lab in complete disarray" - calls upon the state to conduct its investigation "in full public view."

EDITORIAL: "Scandal in state drug crime lab," published  by WCVB TV Boston on April 5, 2013.

GIST: "The escalating scandal at the State Drug Crime lab has us thinking about onion metaphors; many layers, lots of tears, and all of it stinks. This week a new layer is revealed; state inspector general investigators discovered more evidence pointing to a crime lab in complete disarray.  In an attorney general's confidential report obtained by Team 5, investigators uncovered drug samples scattered; in supervisors' desks, taped to cabinets, with some samples dating back more than 10 years. This new revelation casts doubt, not only on the 34,000 cases touched by indicted chemist Annie Dookhan, but on close to 200,000 cases processed by the lab since 2003. In a criminal justice system predicated on dismissing charges in light of "reasonable doubt," the flood gates are officially open; and they well should be.  Facing criminal charges and 27 counts tied to evidence mishandling, alleged "rogue chemist" Annie Dookhan has been portrayed as the central figure in the crime lab scandal.........It stretches credibility that any organization could become so dysfunctional without many layers of complicity or neglect.  We urge Governor Patrick and Attorney General Martha Coakley to open up the windows on the crime lab scandal; swiftly address the affected cases and let's start again with a clean slate.  With so many lives impacted, it's important this investigation is conducted in full public view."
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See Boston Magazine:  "Many questions still unanswered about the Massachusetts drug lab scandal: It's been several months since the Massachusetts drug lab scandal broke. Why are we still in the dark about the mess that will potentially cost Massachusetts $100 million?"


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