Monday, April 8, 2013

Louis Taylor. Arson "science." Blogger Jeff Gamso takes on the prosecutors and fire investigator who "just knew" Taylor did it. Must read. HL.

POST: "A tale of two tragedies", published by Gamso for the defence, on April 3, 2013.

GIST: "Of course, the prosecutors still think he did it.  Don't need no stinkin' evidence.  They just know.  So does that fire investigator who just knew it was an 18-year-old black kid. Holmes, now 83, told The Associated Press on Monday he still stands by his determination that the fire was arson.  "There's no question about it," he said. He added that the new findings by Taylor's defense experts are based on incomplete information because a lot of the evidence was destroyed. "They didn't spend two full days digging through that place." No, instead, they looked at how fire actually works.  At science.  At physics.  At, you know, stuff that isn't old wives tales.  Doesn't matter.  Oh, sure there's that thing about their being no stinkin' evidence.  But what does that matter? ......... Here's another thing.  Louis Taylor and Todd Willingham aren't the only guys who were convicted of horrible crimes based on bullshit fire investigations.  And Taylor's not the only one who's still alive.  Lots of the others are out there - convicted felons, maybe convicted killers.  Some still in prison. Some on death row.  And nobody, almost nobody, sees a horrific injustice or gives a fuck. After all, their convictions proved the system works.  And Taylor got out, which certainly proves that it works yet again. Or not."

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