Friday, December 8, 2017

Daniel Holtzclaw: Oklahoma; Flawed forensic science and testimony? "Pyongyang on the Prairie, Part I."... Columnist Michelle Malkin (of Michelle Malkin Investigates) writes: "Welcome to Pyongyang on the Prairie" - in her devastating critique of the convictions of the former Oklahoma City police officer who is now serving 263 years "for a bandwagon pile-on of sexual assault allegations." ..." The defendant's appeal argues that (Assistant District Attorney) Gieger "repeatedly and flagrantly misrepresented" evidence at trial, including the forensic evidence and testimony of the OCPD crime lab analyst, Elaine Taylor. A report by six internationally renowned DNA scientists and experts released this summer highlighted Taylor's "flawed forensic science, including insufficient serological analysis and improper DNA testimony" in the case at hand."

PASSAGE OF THE DAY: " Don't worry, be happy, comrades."