GIST: "What are the ramifications of keeping Sue Neill-Fraser in jail as a convicted murderer when the whole world has heard she is innocent of the crime? What excuse can Tasmania’s slow-lane legal system have for allowing an obviously unsafe murder conviction to loll about the courts for eight years (since first appeal)? At what cost protect the conviction? Which judges will sit on the appeal bench? The questions posed above are just some that are foremost in the wake of today’s decision by Justice Brett of the Supreme Court to grant Neill-Fraser leave to appeal her 2010 conviction for the murder of her partner, Bob Chappell, on board their yacht, Four Winds on Australia Day 2009..."The world knows:  The combination of media reports covering the 6-part TV series Undercurrent (Seven Network) which concluded on March 6, 2019 and the Meaghan Vass admission that she witnessed the murder – Neill-Fraser absent – on 60 Minutes (Nine Network) on March 10, 2019, which came in the wake of three books unpacking and each thoroughly discrediting the Neill-Fraser conviction, has ensured world wide acknowledgement of her innocence. The only people clinging to the notion of her guilt are those invested in protecting the conviction. Readers can imagine who they might be. (The Vass admission is only the most powerful evidence that the conviction is wrong, not the only element.)"

STATEMENT OF Sue Neill-Fraser's support group: "Sue Neill-Fraser’s Support Group welcomes the decision brought down today by Justice Brett. We are immensely grateful to Justice Brett for the objectivity, professionalism and courtesy he has displayed as presiding Judge. This is the first time in ten years that Sue has been given reason for hope in her long quest for justice. We remain deeply concerned for Sue’s well-being. An innocent woman remains in prison. Her case has highlighted the parlous state of the justice system in Tasmania – how much longer will she have to remain incarcerated while antiquated legal procedures unfold? Currently tax-payers money is being used in a dragged-out investigation of those people who tried to speak out about the injustice. Instead of this, questions must be asked about what is being done to investigate the many issues and anomalies that have been brought to light during the Appeal application. What is being done to investigate the new evidence given by Meaghan Vass? What is being done to support and protect Meaghan Vass? A sense of urgency is needed in dealing with this matter, to ensure that vulnerable people are afforded due process and there is a swift righting of wrongs."

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