Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Sean (Correct spelling 'Shawn' Henning; Ralph Birch: Forensic Scientist Henry Lee: Connecticut: Significant Development: (Henry Lee hits back following court decision exonerating two men his erroneous opinion helped convict of murder); Famed forensic scientist Henry calls press conference to deny any false testimony in the Henning/Birch murder cases, The Connecticut Post reports.(Reporter Mark Zaretsky)..."Henry C. Lee, the renowned criminologist who formerly led the Connecticut State Police Forensic Science Laboratory, said Monday that the suggestion that he provided false testimony in a murder case that saw two convictions overturned by the state Supreme Court is totally untrue. Lee, founder of the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science at University of New Haven, said that in a career that has spanned a half-century, “Never, ever was I accused of intentionally ... trying to cover up” or provide false testimony in a case. He also took issue with the suggestion that he failed to perform forensic tests on a key piece of evidence, saying he did perform tests but the results of those presumptive, or field, tests were preliminary. Lee’s comments followed the state Supreme Court’s decision that ordered a new trial for two men who have served more than 30 years in prison for a New Milford murder they claim they didn’t commit."

PASSAGE OF THE DAY: "Henning and Birch have steadfastly maintained their innocence in the 1985 murder of Carr, claiming their conviction was the result of false testimony by Lee regarding the so-called bloody towel. Carr was murdered in 1985 in what appeared to be a home burglary. At the time, Henning and Birch, 17 and 18 years old, respectively, were troubled youths living in a stolen car and burglarizing homes in the New Milford area. The two teens were taken in as suspects. While they confessed to stealing the car and to committing four other area burglaries, they steadfastly insisted they were not involved with the Carr murder. The victim, clad only in an undershirt and underwear, was lying in a pool of blood. Blood spatter and smears covered the walls around him, almost to the ceiling. An autopsy later revealed the victim had sustained about 27 stab wounds, a severed jugular vein and blunt force trauma to the head. While none of the victim’s blood was found on either Birch or Henning, or in the car they drove, the prosecutor argued the men cleaned up after the murder based on Lee’s testimony. According to the court ruling, although the towels had not been tested for the presence of blood, Lee testified that they had, in fact, been so tested, stating that a “[s]mear of blood was found on[one of] the towel[s]” and that this smear was “[a]na-lyzed and shows” blood. Lee said Monday, “I did many tests.” The men were tried separately and convicted of Carr’s murder in 1989. Henning was sentenced to 50 years in prison, and Birch, 55 years. “The state proffered two theories, one of which the respondent now concedes was predicated on Lee’s incorrect testimony,” the Supreme Court ruling states."


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