GIST: "Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing at exponential rates. It is progressing faster than we can comprehend. We are now just only dipping our toe in the water. The way this world is working on AI is in either hidden or open mode. The information we are receiving in the media is just bits and pieces of the puzzle that the main players are willing to give us. A lot of it is classified, which means it is not open knowledge, except to the big players. The companies leading the AI Revolution, the tech industry, are all focused on the good and every innovation is considered to be something that improves the human condition. However, the same algorithms can be used for dark endeavors as easily as they can be for good. Every innovation creates tools that can be used “to be constructive” or “to be destructive”. Just like many inventions in the past, evil never lies in the technology but in what we intend and actually do with it. The suggestion that AI could help solve complex global problems ignores history, and does not address the fundamental causes.  AI is magnificent but this technology is far from perfect. It could be imperfect because:
  • Creators are imperfect
  • Data was imperfect
  • Paradigms to model internal reality was imperfect
  • AI outputs are not easily predictable, and they could hurt people and violate Asimov's laws if humans become an obstacle for AI.
  • AI is loyal to what it wants to optimize. If human well-being is not included in the optimization and internal model of reality, AI may become a danger.
"Technology can be both a blessing and a curse."
History teaches many lessons. Alfred Nobel, who invented the dynamite, was revolutionary in fuelling the global industrial and economic revolutions. It was designed to accelerate the mining of resources and building of infrastructure. However, to Nobel's displeasure, it was also used for destruction and taking lives in wars across the globe.  Elon Musk has been outspoken about the dangers of AI without regulation. For such cautioning to come from someone working on technological breakthroughs in space exploration, electric vehicle development, and sustainable energy generation, it is unsettling. It appears Elon Musk doesn’t want to let the cat out of the bag but I believe he has access to classified information that has not been disclosed. He wants to raise awareness and establish guard-rails to make sure innovation does not recklessly run away at the detriment of safety, security, and privacy. He is simply raising concerns for ethical development as AI is progressing so fast, that reactive regulation will not be enough. Many are against the regulation of AI because it would slow down innovation. But AI is not like other inventions. A surprising number of people seem to be getting their ideas about AI from Hollywood science fiction movies. Movie plots feature robots increasing in intelligence until they take over the human race. I don’t believe this is the case. There are enough real and present dangers to worry about, from biased ML models to willfully evil human beings. But intelligence without conscience can be dangerous. We are in the age of one person being able to perform lucrative crime at scale. One smart person, or a small team, can disrupt millions. AI will be the last invention humans will ever have to make, believes Oxford researcher Nick Bostrom. In building this new world, humanity could end up crafting its own demise."