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Chad Evans: New Hampshire; State representative, who believes Evans is innocent, is pressing House Judiciary Committee to reexamine the case - but the Committee has not made any decision yet. Rep. Max Abramson said Evans was not near Kassidy when the alleged assault occurred, and that it is more likely that her injuries occurred when her baby sitter reportedly dropped Kassidy on her head. Foster's Daily Democrat; (Must Read with a fascinating twist; HL);

STORY: "Committee makes no decision on Evans case," by reporter Liz Markhlevskaya, published by Foster's Daily Democrat on February 14, 2015.

GIST:  "The House Judiciary Committee made no decision Thursday on the proposed resolution, urging the Department of Justice to reexamine the case against Chad Evans, who maintains he didn’t kill 21-month-old Kassidy Bortner. Evans, formerly of Rochester, has been serving a prison sentence after being convicted of second-degree murder 13 years ago. At his trial in December 2001, a medical examiner testified that Kassidy died after sustaining bruises all over her body and several blows to the head. She died on Nov. 9, 2000. Evans made previous attempts to have his conviction overturned, including an unsuccessful appeal to the N.H. Supreme Court.........The primary sponsor of the resolution is state Rep. Max Abramson of Seabrook, who believes Evans is innocent. He said Evans was not near Kassidy when the alleged assault occurred, and that it is more likely that her injuries occurred when her baby sitter reportedly dropped Kassidy on her head. Abramson said he got involved in Evans’ case after his own conviction on a reckless conduct charge in 2010. Abramson had fired a warning shot at his home, attempting to stop a fight that erupted at a party. Since his own conviction, Abramson began researching other “wrongful convictions,” he said, and Evan’s case was one of the primary cases that came up. He said Evans’ case was one of the main reasons he ran for state representative this past November. "

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See earlier story by same reporter: "At Evans' December 2001 trial, Dr. Margaret Greenwald, who was the chief medical examiner at the time, testified that Kassidy died of battered child syndrome after suffering bruises throughout her entire body, including eight to 10 blows to the head.  In 2003, the N.H. Supreme Court issued an opinion, following Evans' appeal of the case, stating that Evans had assaulted Kassidy on several occasions in the months before she died. Following his conviction, Evans has maintained his innocence and claimed that the bruising on Kassidy's body was accidental. In an interview with Foster's in January 2011, Evans said his son struck Kassidy by a tee-ball and it hit her in the face. He also said Kassidy banged her head on a glass table a couple weeks before she died. The resolution states that the jury was unaware of several factors, including that Kassidy had a heart abnormality and her death may not have been a homicide. It also states Evans was only briefly interviewed by police about the incident. It states that the jury did not know that Evans had asked about enrolling Kassidy into day care, or that Kassidy appeared fine to a school nurse, days before she died. The resolution also mentions Kassidy's appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, of which the jury was not aware. The appointment took place two months before her death, and was made at Evans' own recommendation, during the period time Evans was accused of abusing her. "


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