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Charles Smith: Justice Stephen Goudge tells an audience one of the lessons he learned by conducting an inquiry into the notorious former doctor Charles Smith: "We can be bamboozled by junk science." Guelph Mercury. Publisher's View: Calling Charles Smith a "rogue pathologist," treats him like a comic-book character - rather than the calculating individual who ruined so many preople's lives and drew Ontario's criminal justice system into respect. HL.

PUBLISHER'S VIEW: (Editorial):  Justice Goudge makes clear in his address that former doctor Charles Smith was a "rogue" pathologist. The Free Dictionary defines "rogue" as,  "an unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person; a scoundrel or rascal. 2. One who is playfully mischievous; a scamp. 3. A wandering beggar; a vagrant. Part of that definition works with Smith.  "Unprincipled." Yes. "Deceitful." Yes. Unreliable. No. The police and prosecutors could rely on him to deliver convictions, whether the facts warranted them or not. I reject the rest of the definition because Smith was far from a caricature  such as a scamp or a knave.  He looked, dressed and played the part of someone who was fair and neutral - and was anything but. And he tore the hearts out of so many individuals and families. Yes, there were forensic failings by others in the criminal justice system which led to wrongful prosecutions and convictions. But this should not take away the unquestionable direct  responsibility of Charles Smith. As Justice Goudge concluded in his Inquiry report: "Dr. Smith was adamant that his failings  were never intentional. I simply cannot accept such a sweeping attempt to escape moral responsibility."

Harold Levy. Publisher. The Charles Smith Blog.

STORY: "We can be bamboozled by junk science," Stephen Goudge tells Guelph audience," by reporter Joanne Shuttleworth, published by the Guelph Mercury.
GIST: "The medical and scientific community does not understand the inner workings of law. Nor do judges and lawyers really understand scientific evidence and what can and cannot be concluded from those findings. So said the Honourable Stephen Goudge at the second Truscott Lecture in Justice, at the University of Guelph Wednesday evening. Goudge has a long list of professional accolades and achievements but he is perhaps best known for conducting an inquiry into the forensic findings of Dr. Charles Smith and of pediatric forensic pathology in the province in general in 2007.........Goudge said he reviewed Smith's files and reports, "but this was not just a rogue pathologist," he said. "There were systemic failures and lawyers, judges and Dr. Smith all had responsibility."........Goudge said training programs have been established and great strides have been made since his report was released. But recommendations are not requirements, Goudge said, and there is still a way to go to reform the system. "But one of the hopeful things for me since we finished six years ago is that as inadequate as the system was in the past, there's general willingness to do better," he said."We understand now we can be bamboozled by junk science. We have to raise our game.""

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