Friday, February 20, 2015

David Bain: New Zealand: Bain supporter Joe Karam questions the need for a fresh inquiry to be conducted in which Bain will have to prove his innocence - and asks what judge would want to take on such a task "after what happened to Justice Binnie, whose report was rejected by the last Government." One News.

STORY: "You learn to deal with this sort of stuff - Joe Karam on Bain decision,"
published by One News on February 19, 2015.

GIST: "Long-time David Bain supporter Joe Karam says they are starting all over again thanks to former Justice Minister Judith Collins. Today the Government said Bain will need to prove his innocence if he is to receive compensation and announced that a fresh inquiry is to be conducted . "Mr. Karam doesn't believe they will get the sort of finality that would be desirable by having a New Zealand judge in charge of the inquiry and he's questioning who would want to take it on after what happened to Justice Binnie, whose report was rejected by the last Government. But Mr Karam says: "When David's found innocent next time, I don't think even his biggest naysayers will have much to say.""

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See related story: 3 News: "Public law specialist Grant Illingworth, QC, says Ms Collins could have accepted Justice Binnie's report despite any errors it might have contained. "It would have been possible at that stage for the Minister of Justice to say well, there may be errors in this report, but we're going to accept the conclusions anyway," he said on Firstline. "Without knowing the detail of the reasons why the Binnie report was rejected, it's hard to comment on that point."
He says the decision to commission a new report is "absolutely extraordinary" but perhaps an "understandable compromise" between the Government and the Bain team. "I think the public will be completely bemused and bewildered about this whole situation. We've got David Bain convicted in 1995… he gets eventually a retrial after a hearing in the Privy Council in 2009, he applies for compensation in 2010, and here we are in 2015 still twiddling our fingers, wondering what to do about it." Mr Illingworth says it will be interesting to see who the Government taps to conduct the third report – and doubts it'll be anyone from New Zealand, having already gone overseas to find someone neutral. "The Binnie report was done on the basis that Justice Binnie was a highly respected judge with international standing, one of the top judges in Canada, had the respect of people throughout the Commonwealth; and they're going to have to find someone of commensurate standing to take his place, I would have thought.""


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