Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mark Lundy; New York; Murder retrial; Day four;;

STORY: "Mark Lundy murder retrial," by reporter Jono Galuszka, published by, on February 12, 2015.

GIST:  'The prostitute who visited Mark Lundy on the night his family died told the court he was very nice during her stay there. Lundy, 56, is accused of staging a burglary, and launching a "ferocious" attack on wife Christine, 38, and daughter Amber, 7, with a small axe or tomahawk that which has not been found. First convicted in 2002, he now has a new trial because of a Privy Council ruling, and has pleaded not guilty. Today, day four of the trial, the Crown continued calling people who were in Petone on August 29, 2000 - the day Mark Lundy was in the area on business. It is alleged he drove from a motel in Petone, near Wellington, to Palmerston North, killed his wife and daughter in their Kelvin Grove home, then drove back to Petone.  Our reporter Jono Galuszka is at the trial at the High Court in Wellington, and is updating news throughout the day. You can read his updates below.  "Key points" listed include: "Mark Lundy was a regular a the lodge in Petone and was often the last person to check out, Kelvin Westwood, who ran the business, said.  A guest who stayed at the Petone motel the same night as Lundy said a blue Ford was initially parked at the motel, but was moved during the early evening. Lundy drove a blue Ford at the time. Other guests did not notice Lundy's blue Ford Fairmont there."

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