Monday, October 3, 2016

Amanda Knox: Her view on (International) Wrongful Conviction Day: Not surprisingly her 'layman's crash course in the causes of wrongful conviction' refers to "invalid forensic evidence." Knox also provides a brief introduction to the Innocence Movement... (Bravo to Amanda Knox. It is extremely unfortunate that she had to gain her knowledge from such a terrible personal ordeal. HL); The West Seattle Herald;

COMMENTARY: "Amanda's view: (International) Wrongful Conviction Day," by Amanda Knox, published by the West Seattle Herald  on October 3, 2016.

GIST: International Wrongful Conviction Day celebrates its third anniversary on Tuesday, October 4th. In honor of that, here’s a layman’s crash course in the causes of wrongful conviction, and a brief introduction to the Innocence Movement..."The causes: Wrongful convictions are not some weird anomaly. Studies estimate that between 2.3 and 5% of people currently incarcerated are actually innocent. The causes of wrongful conviction are well-documented and stem from systemic problems. They are:(The causes  and introduction to the Innocence Movement can be  found at the link below: Here is a taste: 'Invalid forensic science'...."In the last thirty years, extensive scientific research has enhanced our ability to accurately and reliably analyze biological evidence. As a result, DNA testing has become the most effective means of identifying the guilty and exonerating the innocent. Still, there are innocent people who have been wrongfully convicted based on forensic techniques that have proved unreliable—bite mark and shoe print comparisons, for example—or because of the results of valid forensic techniques that have been conducted improperly, misrepresented, or fabricated entirely."

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