Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Part One: Important Development: Henry Keogh Case: (Australia); Pathologist Censured By Medical Board For Evidence He Gave At Keogh's Trial:

ABC News has reported that Dr. Ross James has been censored by the Medical Board of South Australia in connection with the evidence he gave in the Henry Keogh trial.

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The ABC report released earlier today indicates that, "the Medical Board of South Australia has censured a pathologist who gave evidence in the Henry Keogh trial."

"Keogh was convicted for the murder in 1994 of his fiance Anna-Jane Cheney," the report continues.

"Dr Ross James reviewed an autopsy report and gave evidence in court."

The Medical Board's chief executive Joe Hooper says that Dr James's conduct was unprofessional for failing to disclose relevant information to the court.

While the Board censured Dr James, it was also concluded that it will have no direct impact on public health and safety because he is now retired.

SA Attorney-General Michael Atkinson says he has been made aware of the censure.

"I'm also advised that Dr James, who's now retired, will be appealing against that decision and comment from me would be most appropriate when that appeal is resolved and we have a final decision," he said."

More to follow on this Blog as the story develops;